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Understanding the Link Between the Spine, Brain and Allergies

Written By Atlanta Spine and Wellness on June 7, 2021

Allergy ReliefYour immune system--responsible for allergic reactions--and your nervous system are close buddies that do a lot of communication. In fact, the immune system regulates brain activity, including body temperature, sleep and feeding behavior. It also sends signals via the nervous system to our brain for when to trigger an allergic reaction, which is never fun.

At Atlanta Spine and Wellness in Chamblee, we offer patients an all-natural solution to allergy symptoms. Our chiropractors work with patients to regulate and control allergic reactions to irritants by helping improve the communication between the spinal cord and brain.

Your Allergies, the Spinal Cord, and the Brain

Instead of taking drugs and OTC products to try and control how your body reacts to allergens, a better solution is to get to the root of WHY you’re having an allergic reaction. Not everyone is allergic to spring, cats or dogs, and it’s not just because that’s the way things are. The truth is something else is happening in an allergic individual that isn’t happening in an allergy-free person: neural misfiring.

The parasympathetic nervous system is connected to every major organ, which means these nerves trigger allergic reactions and regulate inflammation. And since they travel to and from the brain, that means they pass through the spine, which is where the root problem of your allergies is often found: a misalignment in the spine. 

Your nerves need a healthy, properly aligned spine to communicate accurately and efficiently, thus allowing for proper immune function. Disruptions in neural communication can lead to miscommunication that leads to allergic reactions. If you correct the disruption with chiropractic care, then you can relieve your allergy symptoms without drugs.

Get Allergy Relief in Chamblee Georgia

At Atlanta Spine and Wellness, we support as many patients as possible in their quest for health. Part of this process is education about chiropractic so you may, in turn, educate others. Dr. Heitman educates his own patients on the health and performance benefits of regular wellness-based chiropractic care. People tell him they appreciate his patient-focused practice.

Dr. Jessica Oudekerk applies various chiropractic methods that not only focus on pain relief, but also maintaining the functional integrity of the body as a whole. She is passionate about educating her patients and giving them the confidence and tools necessary to take an active role in their journey to complete wellness.

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