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Meet Our Team

Lisa Berthelsen - New Patient Coordinator

Lisa BerthelsenA native to Atlanta, Lisa has spent her career in Health and Wellness. She is Atlanta Spine and Wellness's New Patient Coordinator, so the first voice you hear when you call the ASW team is hers! Lisa is passionate about helping patients with natural solutions for their pain and discomfort. With over 30 years experience in Chiropractic Care, Lisa not only works with patients to make sure they are taken care of in a timely manner, but she also trains and coaches doctors and chiropractic assistants all over the country in natural healthcare protocols. A mom to three young men and two dogs, Lisa is active and values the return of hard work, both physically and mentally.

Sydney Fleider - Office Manager

Sydney FleiderChiropractic has always been a part of my life, every since I was a little girl when my grandfather would adjust me. He called his adjusting table an "airplane ride" and his activator, "the weapon that found all the monsters in my back." I love seeing the positive change in our patients after receiving chiropractic care because it is a joy to see that we as a team, get our patients to their most optimal health!

Kim Rivas - Patient Care Coordinator

Kim Rivas - Patient Care Coordinator My experience with chiropractic has been completely amazing. From getting educated about the power of an adjustment by the doctors to actually experiencing it and feeling the difference in my own body. Seeing our patient's attitude and posture from their first day in the office to just a couple weeks is the reason I love what I do. It is a blessing to be apart of Atlanta Spine and Wellness and be a a part of a team with such passion in getting patients to their optimal health.

Josh Dowd - Chiropractic Assistant and Licensed Massage Therapist

Josh DowdMy experience with chiropractic care has been fascinating. As a younger, healthy and fit individual, I never really thought about my spine, because it’s never caused me any pain. Having my degree in Exercise and Sport Science, I have always had pretty good posture, or so I thought. Once I got my first set of xrays, I was blown away that there were flaws in my cervical spine. Atlanta Spine & Wellness has taught me with physical therapy and rehabilitation, you can train the body, the muscles, and the spine to correct itself using vibratory and posture correcting therapy. After being adjusted a few times, I felt better and I was even sleeping better. Now, I have a newfound love for chiropractic and I find myself telling everyone about it! I will forever have a chiropractor in my life after my experience with Atlanta Spine & Wellness.

I have always had a passion for helping people and started my career as an Exercise Physiologist at a medical fitness facility. While I was training my patients there, I noticed they would come to me with questions about muscle tension or something that feels like a knot in their back. This is when I decided to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. As a therapist, I love being able to see my patients benefit from massage therapy, there’s nothing that makes me feel better than seeing someone improve after a massage session. Massage therapy has taught me so many details about the body and how we can manipulate soft tissue in order to decrease pain or tension. I love being a therapist and plan to continue helping people with massage every chance that I get!

Vanessa Isaac - Licensed Massage Therapist

Vanessa IsaacI was born in the beautiful St.Thomas Virgin Islands. I came to Atlanta seeking new opportunities and explored several different avenues before finding her passion as a Massage Therapist.

I attended Sanford Brown College in Dunwoody, Georgia for my certification in Massage Therapy. I have been a licensed therapist now for 10 years. I love helping people and love holistic health. Massage therapy is wonderful because of the instant gratification; people leave feeling better than when they came in. Massage doesn't just help with muscles; it helps blood flow, anxiety, insomnia, ect. I love being able to make people feel better.

Chiropractic and massage work hand in hand. The muscles need to be loose for the adjustment to stay longer, and the bones need to be aligned for the muscle to stay relaxed longer.

I am trained in several different modalities: Deep Tissue, Sweedish, Prenatal, Myofacial release, Neuro-muscular Therapy, and Swe-Thai. I incorporate all of the techniques I have learn to fit the patients needs. The patient may need a mixture of techniques like deep tissue on upper back and sweedish on the legs. I love working with my patients to achieve the best health for them

Maria Majia-Carbajal - Licensed Massage Therapist

Maria MajiaI have been a massage therapist for almost 10 years. I studied massage therapy at Sanford Brown in Dunwoody, Ga and I studied many different techniques from swidish, neuromuscular deep tissue, trigger point release, hot stone, and pregnancy to name a few.

I enjoy massage therapy because I enjoy being able to help people get relief from pain in a more natural way. When I was a teenager, my mother would come home very tired and complained of her feet and legs being sore. To help her feel a little relief from the aches I would massage her feet. She thanked me and said she felt better and I would continue giving her massages on her feet and shoulders which was mostly compressions.

After high school I was interested in figuring out what techniques I could learn to help my mother. I looked up massage therapy and learned the benefits of massage and how it has helped people after accidents and trauma I went to school and here I am now still enjoying helping relieve pain the best I can. On my spare time I love to spend time with my husband, son and our dogs. We love going out as a family and trying new foods!